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Hosted by Kwesi Owusu, the first episode features an exclusive interview with Eugene Skeef, the South African multi-media artist. He bears witness to the bloody uprising of Soweto school children in 1976 and shares intimate details about his work with Steve Biko, the martyred leader of the Black Consciousness Movement. Sam Tshabalala, the leading South African musician talks about Eugene’s role in the rise of the legendary Malo Poets prior to his flight into exile in 1980.

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Soweto: The Video Trailer. LAUNCH OF PODCAST 11 OCTOBER 2022



SERIES 1 Episode 1

Great music and powerful testimonies weave through this fascinating story; from the day Soweto exploded in 1976 to the exciting 80s music scene in London. Eugene Skeef is an incredible witness! Subscribe and join us

The London Days : Coming Soon

SERIES 1 Episode 2

Eugene Skeef talks about his early days of exile in London and meeting The African Dawn. He identifies the context and explores the dynamics that informed his collaborations with Bheki Msuleku, Mariam Makeba, Brian Eno, Tunde Jegede, Ngugi Wa Thiongo, Abdullah Ibrahim and a stellar cast of artists.


Bheki Msuleku : Coming Soon

SERIES 1 Episode 3

Eugene Skeef goes deep into his creative relationship with Bheki Msuleku and discusses the unique qualities that made the South African pianist and saxophonist a musical genius. He offers fascinating perspectives on Bheki’s work and the wave of exiled South African music of the 1980s. This musical wave complemented the political campaign and made a critical contribution to dismantling the Apartheid system in South Africa.

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The African voice : Coming Soon

SERIES 1 Episode 4

Creativity takes so many different forms, shapes and dimensions but can we say there is a unique African voice? How can it be expressed under the dominant culture of specialisation and art form compartments? Eugene Skeef discusses the innovations he adopts to create alternatives in his own practice.
Hosted by Kwesi Owusu

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Eugene Skeef : Coming Soon

SERIES 1 Episode 5

In the final episode of the first series, Wangui Wa Goro, the Kenyan writer, translator and critic discusses the significance of Eugene Skeef’s work. She relates the revolving dimensions to exceptional departures in African creativity

Hosted by Kwesi Owusu

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The African Dawn emerged in the 1980s as one of the most exciting groups of poets from the Pan-African world. Ngugi Wa Thiong’o, the acclaimed writer described them as “restoring poetry to its origins in music and drama in an exciting fusion of revolutionary harmony”

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